This demonstration site allows you to interact with example Dijon Platform campaign pages. All payment engines are in test mode (sometimes known as sandbox or development mode) allowing you to test campaigns.


When viewing content on this demo site, Dijon Platform will automatically redirect you to the donation page most appropriate for the country you are visiting from. The following examples are included to let you view Dijon Platform's localization features.

United States


United Kingdom






United Arab Emirates




Multi-stage Form

A multi-stage form which supports allows Apple Pay, G Pay, Microsoft Pay, PayPal and credit cards.

It allows you to prompt the user to add the processing fees to your contribution to ensure the charity or non-profit gets your full gift.

The multi-stage nature of the form allows more payment methods to be used, allowing the use of payment methods that collect the address for you (such as Apple Pay or PayPal) while still having the ability to use a payment method where you need to collect the address inside your form.


Stripe Checkout

  • Without address

    This example uses Stripe Checkout and does not collect the donor address for the most minimum friction possible. This form supports SCA payments.

  • With address

    This example uses Stripe Checkout and collects the address which is recommended to ensure payments pass fraud checks. This form supports SCA payments.

Stripe Elements

  • Donate using Stripe Elements

    This uses Stripe Elements to do the checkout. Stripe Elements allows us to take donation, address and payment details securely on a single page. Our Stripe Elements integration supports SCA payments.